Storm Founders, Drinkard and Drake, expecting big things from new management team

Columbus Storm - Columbus, Ga - Columbus Storm was founded a little over a year ago and the success of the program is unmatched. CJ Drinkard and Jaurquitta Drake made it their mission to develop a program that would enable players to gather quality film and market themselves to programs of their choosing. Drake has implemented a new management structure that would elevate the program to a new level. Players and cheerleaders now have the opportunity to join the management team and gain experience that could be used for future job experience. Drinkard has an action plan on seeing to it that all players leave the program with the ability to draft their own business plan documents in the event they wish to become their own boss one day. "The program is so much more than football and it is what the community needs," said Drake. We look forward to following the progression of the program as season two quickly approaches.